Hey there, I hope you found what you were looking for and I’m glad you made it to visit us! While you’re here, please stay awhile and let’s get to know each other. I’m a Texan born and raised. I do live on a ranch where we run Texas Longhorn cattle and love every minute of it! To be honest, that’s what brought me to starting a store. We sold beef and skulls straight from the ranch itself for a few years and decided to venture into custom cowhide items. Which if you know a hard-working country girl one thing always leads to another. I wanted a store that wasn’t a big chain store, where I could shop for not only me but the husband and kids. (We also have a small selection of treats for your canine friends!) We run a ranch, so I know quality is important and so is fashion… I do still have to run around town and in a small town you always seem to see someone you know. So, G3 Mercantile was born! If you’re a turquoise wearing, cowhide loving, denim is life kind of girl then I think you have found your place and we can most definitely be friends and share a glass of tea! We also carry items that can be dressed classier or even boho style because not every day is a boot day! Men, we also have you covered! My husband owns an electrical business as well as helps me on the ranch, so he puts his items to the test! If we carry it, he has worn it and he is all about comfort so, rest assure you won’t be disappointed. Kids will be kids (especially ranch kids) and we have them covered too! So now that you know about me, I also want to give you a big thank you for shopping and supporting small family-owned businesses like mine! Our customers become more like friends here so don’t be a stranger!